Slave Labor Class I

Please note that the deadline to file a Slave Labor Class I claim has expired.
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Slave Labor Class I consists of those claimants who performed slave labor for German and other companies which may have transacted their profits through Swiss entities. For more information on Slave Labor Class I, please read Annex H of the Distribution Plan.
Studying the research of the leading scholars and based upon other sources, the Special Master concluded that the Nazi regime had exploited the slave labor of hundreds of thousands of Victims or Targets of Nazi Persecution in every corner of its realm. In addition, the Special Master analyzed the International Tracing Service’s Catalogue of Camps and Prisons in Germany and Germany-Occupied Territories, Sept. 1, 1939-May 8, 1945 which also contains names of German entities that used slave labor, and compared the Catalogue to the Volcker Commission’s list of German persons or entities that had a Swiss bank account at the time of Switzerland’s February 16, 1945 asset freeze. This analysis demonstrated that virtually all of the most notorious slave labor-using entities maintained banking ties in Switzerland or owned other assets in Switzerland, and supported the presumption that “virtually all German companies that employed slave labor also ‘deposited’ or ‘transacted’ the revenues or proceeds of this labor in Switzerland” as set forth in the Court’s order granting approval of the Settlement Agreement.
Therefore, all Victims or Targets of Nazi Persecution who performed slave labor for private entities, entities owned or controlled by the state or Nazi authorities, or by the concentration camp and ghetto authorities, were deemed members of Slave Labor Class I. This Court-adopted presumption helped to streamline the distribution process by enabling the Court to utilize the same administrative agents, the Claims Conference and the IOM, and adhere closely to the procedures that had been adopted under the German Foundation’s Slave and Forced Labor program.
The Distribution Plan originally provided for payments of $1,000 each (subsequently increased to $1,450) to surviving slave laborers, or to their heirs if the former slave laborer died on or after February 16, 1999. For a brief overview of the Court-supervised Claims Conference Program for Jewish members of Slave Labor Class I, please click here. For a brief overview of the similarly Court-supervised IOM program for Roma, Jehovah’s Witness, homosexual and disabled former slave laborers, please click here.